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I must say they are outstanding and fantastic. They keep good all day. At work we get them in the morning and snack on them all day. Even the non donut crowd are taken by them!!!


Every Wednesday morning we visit Tim at the markets in the city to get doughnuts for breakfast.  This ritual is attended by 3 to 8 members of my family plus others and is hotly anticipated by all.  Tim’s doughnuts are always terrific and recently, one of our party has decided that the custard filling is definitely the way to go.  Tim is always friendly and has a great selection of music.


I know people don’t normally take time out provide good feedback / appreciation, so I just wanted to drop a quick line to say I am loving the new branding of my favourite donut place!

Fun, cheerful, friendly, playful and welcoming… Suits the awesome product & also pretty much sums up the gentleman that serves me with a smile every week!


The third day of the working week is no longer referred to as Wednesday in our office … it is simply known as Donut Day!  After being diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2005, one thing I missed most was a warm cinnamon donut.  But that changed when I stumbled across the bright and bubbly G-Free Donut stall at the Wednesday CBD markets. 

The donuts are freshly made, gluten free and most importantly delicious!  What makes these donuts even better is that you don’t have to be following a gluten free diet to enjoy them – they are so tasty everyone loves them.  I encourage everyone to treat themselves to one of these amazing donuts … but you may find it hard to stop at one.

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Interested in having your party catered by G-Free Donuts? Contact our team on

As well as our regular market locations and private events we also cater to larger crowds such as:

  • Metricon Stadium
  • CBUS Stadium
  • Suncorp Stadium
  • Brisbane’s Beer & Cider Festival
  • Brisbane International Tennis 2019

Ingredients List
Gluten Free Donut Ingredients:
  • Soy Flour, Sugar, Maize Starch, Dextrose, Milk Powder, Thickeners (412, 464, 415), Emulsifier (471), Raising Agents (500, 450, 541), Salt, Canola Oil, Milk Solids, Flavour + Spice
  • Nutritional Information (per 40g Donut): 632kJ (2g Protein, 2.14g Fat – 0.32g Saturated Fat, 31.64g Carbohydrate – 10g Sugar, 310.4mg Sodium)
Gluten & Dairy Free Donut Ingredients:
  • Soy Flour, Soy Protein, Dextrose, Maize Starch, Thickeners (415, 464, 412), Sugar, Raising Agents (450, 500), Canola Oil, Spice, Sodium Aluminium Phosphate, Soy Lecithin, Emulsifier (471), Flavour + Salt
  • Nutritional Information (per 40g Donut): 632kJ (2g Protein, 2.14g Fat – 0.32g Saturated Fat, 31.64g Carbohydrate – 10g Sugar, 310.4mg Sodium)

*Donuts are cooked in Rice Brain Oil & Coated in Cinnamon Sugar (Optional)

G-Free Franchise

We have a recipe for success and are actively inviting like-minded individuals to this extraordinary business.  Our business model is suitable for almost anyone who is energetic, has a passion for excellence and has the one ingredient that all successful business’s need: GRIT.

We’ve decided to keep it simple in line with our operations have decided to license individuals and companies to resell our products under our brand and system.


*Applications are now closed for 2020, will reopen in March 2021.

Our research, data and experience tells us there’s opportunities all across Australia for more successful G-FREE operations.


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